So Last year I decided to pursue my MBA in full force which means write GMAT first. I dread the whole GMAT experience as it is one of the Make It or Break It deals for an MBA at a good school. So I started preparing for it early February 2011 but there were many distractions. My penchant for travelling took me to New Orleans/Atlanta/Miami/San Francisco(reminds me of the travel blog I have to update). Feb->Mar->April and I was at the same state. I decided to go on a disciplined study routine with the help of MGMAT books. Every weekend was spent in library with the books as I could not concentrate at home because of TV/Laptop/Food temptations. I finally booked the date for July 1st and I had to thank my parents for planning their trip as otherwise the GMAT preparation would have been a never ending saga. I had to finish my test before they came here as otherwise I would not be able to enjoy their trip. My effort during May and June were satisfactory but not upto the mark according to me. I did not have an option but to give the test. So I went ahead and gave it. To my surprise I scored 700!!!! 700 was what I had always aimed for but had reached the score only twice before during the mock-ups. I was ecstatic. I celebrated.Obviously this was not the end of the effort. I had to apply. My first choice was a great school in the City. Applications involved getting recommendations. So I approached my delivery unit head from my previous company. He was very supportive. I drafted the recommendation letters and sent it over to him.

Come August and my parents were here. Every weekend we traveled but I still had to get my applications done.I had work too!!!. Ideally I would have wanted 2 months to come up with 3 essays but I had to do it in 2 weeks. Yes I did it. I was really unhappy about the whole effort but my parents were a priority. The deadline date of Sep 15th was approaching fast. I submitted my application on Sep 15th at 11:45 P.M.I guess this is how I roll .Last minute work :P.In Oct I had to take a whole week off and take my parents and grand mom around west coast which was awesome. Back of my mind I was unhappy about my application.Then  I was called in for an interview on Nov 1st. The interview was okay. I decided to apply to another school by mid-November as I had lost hope on my first choice. We had a Puerto Rico trip booked during Thanks giving and I decided to enjoy that instead. On the day before Thanks giving I received an email. YES.YES.YES. My favorite school had accepted me. And here I am in Feb ready to attend classes at NYU Stern School of Business. Woooohoooo.


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