Facebook – Love Hate affair

I am really fed up..really!!! Yes Facebook is part of everybody’s life these days. If you are not on FB then you are seriously missing important information?? Yes and No. So this is what happened to me.

Love affair – Lets track back to 2009/2010. Those were the days when I used to get excited to post status messages, pictures , reviews and what not. I was ever excited to find some person I barely knew in school or college. Recollection of stories with each other and all the Blah Blah happened. I used to have meet ups to get together with people I found on Facebook.  ” New is always exciting” True that but I got carried away without realizing that it will come to bite me back in the future. I am a travel freak. I get ready to go to any place in mins. Be it trekking/hiking/exploring new places/lazing on the beach, I love it. So I got into the habit of taking photographs and posting them on FB. And the love affair continued….

Hate/Love/Hate – Come 2011, Bingo my entire family is on FB. Family includes Cousins, Brothers,Mom,Aunts, Mother-in-law, Uncles etc. “Are you kidding me???” was my remark each time I received a “Friend” request. No I do not want to be friends with you!!!!!!! You are better off as the Aunt whom I would like to meet/chat/talk. Not FB please. I could not reject any requests because …because..it was complicated. I like my cousins to be on FB. I shared some information(read pics) with my cousins, my Aunt and Uncle suddenly became aware of it. When they were not able to see the same information then ahem…”Why …what have we done..May be she does not like us”  was the next question. It did not stop there. It went to my Mom with people asking “why does not your daughter like us?”. At this moment I wanted to bang my head.  So there was this time period where I had to deactivate my profile to prove that I was not available to anybody. Not to cousins. Not to Aunts. Not to MIL.Nobody.Then I found a solution or so I thought. I divided everybody into various groups. “Friends”,”Acquaintances”,”Relatives”,”Relatives – Senior”, “Not liked”,”Abhor”(you ask me why I add people like this..because they are persistent in sending friend requests :P),”Inner Circle”,”Office”,”Close Office friends” and so on and so forth. I restricted people according to the group they belonged. Unfortunately this did not solve anything because here we are in 2012 and I do not have the faintest clue as to who can see what. My FB social circle looks like a Venn diagram with people belonging to more than one circle. I am too confused when I have to share anything. I do not know who can see what unless I check “view my profile” option as  “X”,”Y” or “Z”.

So what do I do?? I seriously do not know. I have curtailed myself and share generic information only .Wonder how other people deal with this.



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