Native Moi

Okay, I had to write a post on this because there are these words that randomly land in my head and immediately bring a smile onto my face. Note that these words are from the language spoken in the area where I grew up.I have not used some of these words but have heard it from autowaalahs,vendors and their tribes.

1) Yaakla Β – means “Why man?” – I was in the middle of a meeting at work. I was in the midst of a power point presentation which conveyed my suggestions to improve our systems technically. My Manager’s boss who is usually quite supportive raised a major concern that it might not be feasible. Immediately in my head – “Yaakla ingeltidya????”

2) “illenu kothi kunitidya?” (Is a Monkey dancing here? ) – There are occassions when guys mainly guys stare and my wish to slap them gets my kannada dialogues rolling.

3) “Dooooddadaagi banbitta” – I was involved in interviewing my new Project Lead. Yeah I interview the guys whom I report to :P. So we recruited this guy(Vengaboy) who gave the impression of being easy going, knowledgeable but not a geek. I am an expert on the systems that I work on. All managers in my group involve me when making any decision on these systems. All of a sudden Vengaboy insisted on advising/reviewing/opposing me (without any knowledge). This phrase would bite me in the head each time and I would raise one eye-brow at him.

My husband has his mouth open when I come out with some Kannada dialogues hehe. More so because my mother tongue is Telugu and not Kannada. I would love to recount similar instances and phrases again for another post.

On a game-y note, you should definitely try playing this game =>

Questiontat atΒ

Questions might be simple but all the fun is in getting to the Questions πŸ™‚


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