Sometimes its different

I visited India last month .I was so looking forward to this visit  as I would get a chance to satisfy my desi desires which mainly includes Food and social gatherings. As soon as we landed, I was energized by my crowded city. We made our way past the immigration, met my in-laws(customary namaskaara and hugs) and proceeded to the in-laws house.

My in-laws had my entire vacation planned out and it was more than a “Teerth Yatra”.S being the obedient son was all up for it. Do not mistake me , I have a lot of faith in God but I consider my relationship with God a personal one. I dont believe that visiting all the temples is what God wants me to do. When I visit a temple, it is more of a peaceful,thoughtful and a meditative experience. I pray and have conversations with God. It can be an intense conversation or it might be about me having to pass my engineering exam.This back to back temple visits made my trip hectic and not so enjoyable.I don’t know about others but I like to plan my own trip. This attitude is tough when I have to deal with in-laws and their plans. I like them a lot but this difference in interests takes a toll on our relationship at times.


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