Sankranthi is a festival that we have always celebrated with enthusiasm as it is the first festival of the year.I loved visiting my relatives as a kid during this festival. The tradition was to visit atleast 2 houses.

Even though my laziness was pulling me down, I did manage to make ellu – a mix of roasted groundnuts (minus any dark spots or cover), slightly roasted sesame seeds , cut jaggery pieces and dry cocunut.On the day of Sankranthi I woke up at 7:30 AM, got ready to do the Pooja by 9:30 . Habee and myself did the pooja. There was only payasam, ellu and pongal for the naivedyam.Habee and me exchanged ellu and told each other “ellu bella thindu olle maathadbeku” :)). I am sure that will hold good for some hours till we lose our temper.After the pooja, we had a light meal and an awesome siesta. I love afternoon naps but I cannot afford them during the weekdays. So I enjoyed it to the maximum. In the evening we visited my cousins house and an aunt’s house for “ellu beerodu” ritual. What fun it is to visit people during festivals and enjoy. :))

We had been to Atlantic city the previous day with another couple. Though I ended up losing a few bucks, I totally enjoyed the dinner at Buddakan. Its getting really cold though. No sign of snow but really cold.


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