Hitchcock Movies…..Awesome….

It was long long time ago when i got introduced to the hitchcock cult of movies.I loved it then and I still get excited when anybody mentions his brand of movies. His genre was mainly Suspence and Thrillers.The first movie i watched was “Birds”.I was all absorbed and tensed through out the movie and dint realise how the time flew. The story was intriguing and was not the typical Hitchcock drama but a very effective psychological thriller indeed where the attacks by the avian family has been depicted totally with all the sound effects.

Since then i have watched and enjoyed the following movies. I dont want to elaborate more on the stories as suspense and thriller movies are best when watched without knowing anything about the story else it might dampen the effect of the movie.


Psycho – A very famous movie which has had many sequels and a remake.I couldnt sleep that night when i watched it.A must watch!!!

Torn Curtain – This is a good movie but not gripping-throughout movie. The movie starts slow but captures you mid-way and has you guessing.The Man who knew too much – This is one of Hitchcock’s successful movies. Again this piques your curiousity and is a must watch if you enjoy this genre of movies.

Vertigo – The story is about a detective suffering from Acrophobia and details on how he handles a particular case with all the challenges in place. Good to watch any day.

North by Northwest – This is a movie which may confuse the viewer in the beginning as to whats happening but as it progresses you wouldnt want to miss the end.

Frenzy – This movie reveals the culprit early and has the story unfold as to how the accused man finally saves himself.

Shadow of doubt – This movie was a bit disappointing for me compared to the others. I couldnt appreciate this movie much as i dint get a feel of the typical Hitchcock movie.Inspite of it the narration is good  and was appreciated by many critics.

The wrong Man, Black mail…. the list goes on. The best part of the hitchcock movies is the excellent screenplay and the sound effects which are crucial to any suspense movie. The ending might be disappointing sometimes but you would never regret watching his movies and to think that movies filmed in early 1900’s can have such an effect till date!!!

You can also watch the Alfred Hitchcock’s documentary on Nazi holocaust if you have interest in this topic.


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