Technology Zoom!!!

Facebook…Orkut…Twitter….the bugz bitten me
My morning starts early with a cup of coffee and me staring at either of the 3 demons.I enjoy looking at all the new snaps of my friends and see whose status has changed and why. Laugh at all the funny quiz results and then Damn!!!! I am late….Run…Run…Run…

Get to work and again get a hot cup of coffee chatting with all the team mates. Get to my desk and lo and behold….my gmail points out that so n so has commented or scrapped and again the time flies.

Thing is after spending time on these things i repent and regret and think that i should avoid all these sites….the resolve lasts only for an hour and unknowingly (thats what i would like to believe) i land up on these sites again. hmm one of these days i can do it…i will give up all these time swallowing devices…


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