Aaah!!….Finally the winter has been sent away and the trees are green again!!

Each Leaf has its own story to say…

I am green when born
They attribute spring to this form
People rejoice at my sight
as i breathe out air with all my might


I mature with the sunlight on
and enjoy as the rain patters on
I become the pride of my tree
as everybody looks at me

Summer descends his fist amidst,
which is when we whine with a fit
but nothing deters our spirit
as we get on with the heat

The Bright and Sunny monster
gets an equal competitor
in the form of water and wind
which makes his power rescind

There begins the arrival of colors
as every tree ruffles its feathers
beauty bewitches each beholder
as every color shines colder

Winter is the nightmare
that haunts us thru every fare
cause that is the call of death
when we fall underneath

Dried Leaves on Juniper Branch

Night is the time when the grave comes calling
and then comes the morning announcing our falling
This is the end of the spectacular journey of our tribe
with the hope that we are re-born with all our pride

and as related to this scribe!!!



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