My word!!!…

Pretty and beautiful

Why does the word pretty land so easily on our tongues while the word beautiful weighs heavily when we have to use it.
When we say beautiful we actually mean it…and the word pretty can be used in a very off handed way too….or maybe its because the word pretty can be used in various ways like – This is pretty good.
Somehow the word beautiful is more captivating.
Some feel that pretty is the word used when something is good looking while young and the word beautiful is used when you mean it for ever.
The usage is Intriguing though nowadays many use both the words being unaware of the differences….


9 thoughts on “My word!!!…

  1. Aha .. u seem pretty (:-)) pissed off … Did someone say she is pretty ?? .. when u rather expected something on the lines of she is beautiful πŸ™‚

  2. pretty intererstin.. err shud i say pretty beautiful… we tend to use pretty to stress the supercedin word.. so wen we say this is pretty good, pretty puts strees on ‘good’.. you can also say, this is pretty beautiful, to captivate more… πŸ˜‰

  3. Its how you look at those words and in which context it is used. At the end words alone does not convey anything and the whole sentence can convey more than those words written. Anyways as per the grammer pretty is something which is outstanding but not really beautiful. I would rather associate beautiful with you rather than pretty πŸ™‚

  4. Pretty is pretty easy to say (in terms of energy usage for vocal sound production). It is colloquial and used in normal conversation.

    Beautiful, on the other hand involves a bigger commitment of justice to what is being praised of. People keep it for special.

    Pretty is to eyes, and beauty is to heart.


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