The last weekend went past watching 3 movies.

POSEIDON was the first one i watched to get past my saturday afternoon….not so gud ….not so bad….its fine to watch it once….It dint capture my imagination much as titanic was being played at the back of my mind.
As usual i loafed around my place in the evening….went to CCD…i mean cafe coffee usual i stuck to my capuccino and landed in a corner amidst the usual CDC (coffee day crowd) which comprises of these people who haf just stumbled on to their early teens and wear an attitude which is #$#$#$@#$%^&*() and preposterous.
This time it got more ugly what with two guys landing their fists on each other and the police was called in to get the situation into control.I got back home thinking ….

Sunday morning was Home made masala Dosa + Gangster…not a great combi….but the dosa was worth it…Gangster was not bad …..liked shiney ahuja amongst the actors and the story though dark was a welcome change from the usual hindi churn outs…The songs in that movie are way toooo good esp tu hi meri shab hai…….amazing!!!!

I had decided to catch OMEN in PVR as i always feel that horror movies must be watched only in theatres.I must say OMEN was a good movie.or maybe i am one of the few who likes to get get scared once in a while .I literally dint breathe thru some of the scenes.I enjoyed the movie totally.

Got back home …had dinner ….and slept in peace.


3 thoughts on “Mov-ies

  1. you write really well !!! i loved your posts… of course, i still havent read your poems in detail.. after reading your blog posts, will defi go back and do that…!

  2. Me- just a passer-by..

    Poseidon was ok-ok.. Gangster was a refreshing change from the bhat camp… I second thy thoughts, the songs were amazing..

    The best thing about Omen was the fact that it got released on 06/06/06… That was one hell of a coincidence..

  3. U like shiney ahuja? Try saying that out loud now.. :D:D:D Oh.. this is getting better and better :D:D Pretty sure u wished u never shared this link! LOOOOL..

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