😀 mez back!!!!

KING KONG 🙂 … dont make a face..coz i seriously liked the ape..and almost fell in love with
it…:-D.I was accompanied by a good looking couple….who i failed to notice much during the movie coz of the ape…but guess they were busy in their own worlds…..n me busy with the ape…i mean with the movie…

The movie had a good effect on me.I got all emotional again.
I felt as though i understood Jane goodall’s feelings for the ape family…:))…esp while watching its antics in the jungle..The tribals were terrifying…but tolerable….hmm…cliched ending but what the hell i liked the ape…

Therez something about apes n snakes now…hmm…


6 thoughts on “KING KING KONG KONG

  1. hi ,

    nice to see you back in action on the “blog ” world . dont know you … but owe u one .. yours is the first ever blog i read fully and which made me think of starting one of my own . I think i got your web space from orkut … not sure ..
    its nice to have where you can just say things as feel it and dont care what others make out of it 🙂

    keep rocking

  2. hey,
    got ur blog address from orkut..the thought of same old king kong movie stopped me from watching i think i shud have watched it..after a +ve feedback from u n some of my frnds..i saw Crash..its good..but sort of documentary..but actin wise it rocks n the way they have handeled different stories which r inter-related.

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