Last weekend was a busy one . Saturday hmm…i dont remember wot i did but i feel that must haf also been a busy day “”.just remember watching kal ho na ho till 1:00 and i had tears in my eyes when sharukh dies.gaawd knows why karanjohar puts in so many emotional strings in the movie…I had to call a friend to get out of that emotional mood.

A weekend trip was arranged by our offie people to mekedatu. I was unsure to go or not to go but finally decided to go thinking its bettah i check out this part of the earth also(made sure that it is not inhabited by demons …though dragons are there)

So I got up @ 5:30 on that sunday.As usual i got late taking bath . I got so late that i decided to ditch the idea of going but a friend of mine( who is blessed with a car) offered to pick me up on the way.So i guess fate had it that i goto mekedatu n bless that land with my presence.So i landed at the pickup place(wot can it be other than bannerghatta parking lot). We waited for other latecomers to join in…also we were waiting for the food. Finally the bus left @ 8:00. As usual the only travel time pass- “ANTAKSHARI” started. me being a novice @ old hindi songs or for that matter remembering hindi lyrics could’nt participate a great deal though i did pitch in @ crucial times..( u know that is what is necessary for team building) By the way this whole thing was called as team building activity though we were sponsoring for our own trips . That is the involvement and dedication we have to build the team.After stopping for breakfast on the way the antakshari scenes continued …though @ times some of the songs got onto my nerves.Finally we arrived @ mekedatu( a welcome breather ).
we crossed the river in boats and reached the other side where we had to wait for some of our mates to catch up.Meanwhile some of the enthu folks got into water and one of them started exhibiting various swimming styles..:)))…
whenthe entire team was in place n we continued …we had to walk for 3 kms (or take a bus….had energy so walked)….The walk was a gud one though long….enjoyed that bit…
Finally we reached “the place “.we got down the hilly rocks and it was a damn gud view of the river flowing in all anger n violence…we climbed onto various positions to view the same..I dint know i was so skilled @ climbing rocks with amazing balance :))…I decided that i have to venture out more on such trips..
We had to cross a stretch of rocky area to get down to teh river. This was done with elan by me n my partner( in climbing). we finally got down to the river on the other side where many ofour mates were already into water. We had a great time enjoying in the waters.
The constant thing that is always on my mind is…”Food”….I dont know why but i always think about food.
So here to i got all hungry n decided to get back . This was really tiring now n i was all panting like as though i had run for 1000’s of kilometres….I decided that i wont walk back and was very firm in travelling back in bus “only”. Went back in the bus n had food…it dint matter how it tasted though….relaxed for sometime …n we headed back ….The whole bus was calm n quiet for an hour..Later the antakshari started again..this time to make matters worse they decided to sing nothing but sad and old hindi songs making my mind wonder as to whaz the kick in singing thoz songs…..why cant we all start singing rock songs…:)…aint that bettah for a change…:)…But i guess it was’nt so bad..as i got used to it and enjoyed it to some extent…reached bangalore ….got a drop back home again..reached homie @ 9:00 …finally decided to hit the bed @ 10:00 with a dose of saridon…

Nice trip it was….guess i haf typed enuff now…hmmm….


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