Have you ever felt like you have finally got out of hell… the relief the pain n the joy…everything that you feel when you are finally out of that suffering…phew i went thru that whole feeling for the past one week….i am out…i am finally out!!!….I was smiling endlessly and at one point of time i wanted to cry also coz of the happiness…my gaawd…that was one torture!!!!….
The period of torture lasted for more than a year – 1 year 1 month to be precise and every minute was like a year for me during that time. I felt as though i was with demons and dragons with very little sense in the head. Of course humanity is the last thing that you can expect from the demons and dragons so there was no trace of that. Also the behavior of the dragons were of the worst possible nature and that which is least expected. Their arrival was subject to tension and fire all around..If i start recounting each of my experiences it is an epic in itself . Also it is hardly worth the space….so let me not…

As i am typing this i am gloating and feeling on top of the world and makes me feel that there is something called justice still left in this world.

Incase you are wondering what i am talking about … you better continue pondering about it..:)..BTW FYI – the demons used to ride on the dragons….but who were the demons and who were the dragons…ahem..think….think….


4 thoughts on “Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. hmm hmm.. i know the dragons n demons there. real bad creatures.. mama say dragons bad and demons worse. me ran away from ’em.
    Now justice to you too… hooray!

  2. This is the bitter most reality of life which all poor demons will have to live with, people are afraid of them, they hate them want to avoid them but no one tries to understand them. I thought you are the one who could change them but Alas! You also chose to escape. Shouldn’t you have tried love and empathy instead of hatred and fear? You could have saved many others and in fact turned hell into heaven.

    Heehee did it make you re-consider your decision for a split second? If yes then do it at your own risk, don’t blame me for encouraging you to re-join hell 😛

    Don’t think it’s so difficult to decipher your encryption, looks even a dumb demon would get to know what you are talking abt.

    And one thing for you to think : If they are real demons, they will chase you wherever you go and if they don’t chase then perhaps they aren’t that bad as you think them to be. May be what you considered torture was their style of showing affection 😛

  3. Second last para should be read as “Have you encrypted your message well enough, not to be deciphered by demons? I doubt…But poor demons would definitely feel bad after reading this.” hmmm choice of words makes a huge difference on the meaning 🙂

    And must say its a very courageous post considering, demons are still around you.

    • Hahaha…i fell off ma chair when i saw the BALROG pic….uncanny resemblance i say….u r spot on…..
      n dragons n demons hmm there was 1 more character (NS)…….

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