Mumbai Odyssey

Ahem “Mumbai here i come” was my enthusiastic feeling as i was leaving.
All the mumbaikar friends that i knew had this
“Going on a vacation!!! and to mumbai!!! How Strange” look but nobody explained the reason behind that look.
It was left upto me to excavate that reason 😦

This mumbai experience woke me up ,rather woke me up big time!!!..
As we landed in mumbai we headed to this hotel which we had booked(my friends’ family friend had booked)
we went to the receptionist n asked him as to which room had been reserved and to kindly show us the way.We never expected as to what awaited us!!
Just imagine our exasperation when we got to know that there have not been any reservations made whatsoever. We were in a state of panic to hear this and especially at the thought of searching for a hotel @ 9:00 in the night!!!..
Anyways all doors were’nt closed… friend’s familyfriend’s brother called up and had the nerve to tell us that the bookings were cancelled and they had actually booked rooms in some other hotel!!!
So he and his chamcha tiwari came and met us….

There we went trudging behind the two hooligans(thats what they looked like at that moment) and they led us to this good looking hotel with executive suites. It was an amazing experience staying (rather sleeping) there.

But the real story of my mumbai experience were the rains which lashed on the city the moment we set our foot on it.
and it continued for 4 more days not to stop until we left the city 😦

It was quite an experience travelling in the taxis,trains, walking on the roads trying to shop amidst the downpour
….and the finale was travelling by kingfisher airlines 🙂 had heard so much about the models there . It was true i had never seen such great looking men LIVE 🙂 and what more the food was good too….

All in All it was one of those unforgettable experiences in my life


2 thoughts on “Mumbai Odyssey

  1. Moral of the story: Always check for the weather forecast before finalizing trip to Mumbai if you want to catch your favorite actor shooting on bike or actress shooting for a rain dance….or want to enjoy beachside strolling, vada pao, bhelpuri or puchka of chaupati.

    But But But if you want to have an unforgettable experience of sleeping in hotel and shopping in rains then choose a heavy monsoon time 😉

    I am shooooo shoooo shoooory D, I could not resist…ho sake to mujhe maaf kar dena :P:P.

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