sum thought

Life is such a miraculous thing to happen….but is it a miracle really??..or is it a destined routine that we lead?..

Initially we dream of becoming something…later we accept whatever happens without bothering to question it!!…and whatever we dream remains a dream.!!!..

I believe that when we do achieve our dreams that is the moment when we bring meaning to the word “LIFE” untill then its a mundane affair



6 thoughts on “sum thought

  1. Hi Divya, this is anand from infy chennai!! I have just read all your poems today. You seem to be a pretty good poet. Why don’t you publish your poems as a book somewhere?? It would be nice.

    All the best……….

  2. Hi Divya,
    ur thoughts are really thought provoking….though I have slightly different point of view…I feel that the most difficult thing is to set proper goal…coz there are too many sources to confuse…’s wot I feel..

    Even scholars ain’t unite,
    In preaching what’s right
    Some say the greatest delight,
    Is to help those in plight
    Others say , All else is a false run,
    Life is nothing more than a little fun

    Thats why I think Life itself is a dream,
    Though very real it may seem

    Tough is to set the goal,
    which attracts like a magnet pole,
    Rare are the people having potent goals

    Don’t make decisions quick
    O’ girl Unique
    Enjoy the journey as much as you can,
    Then the goal wud be a real fun

    No doubt,a fulfilled dream is the sweetest fruit,
    carry along your mates coz it’s a long long route

    Reaching the top,
    You cannot stop
    Another search has to begin with full zest,
    journey is the truth , goal is just a moment to rest

    That’s also just like wine,
    One can take you to the prime
    But the next moment won’t be so fine
    more is needed to feel divine
    That’s why I love wine,
    As much as I love prime

    Best Wishes,

  3. hmmmmm not exactly,,,a glimpse of the cover page made me realize that its not for lazy bucks like me,,,But your interest in adventure and Travel don’t seem to me a mere coincidence,,,Mr. Alchemist and your mysterious snap of bottom half is juz confirming the obvious that you are for sure searching for the ELIXIR. Caught you,,,right but dun worry its among friends and we promise not to make it public. I request all to wish him all the very best,,,but dun forget that we too wud have our share after you succeed .coz these wishes are not altruistic,,,we have high hopes from you dude 😉

  4. Ohhh I knew it “YOU ARE THE ONE”,,,Alchemy,mystery,Adventure and courage to travel across the globe were the rare qualities what the hero of the novel had,,,correct me if I am wrong,,, And no probs if you wish not to share the elixir,,,I wud derive my pleasure from congratulating you in advance :->

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