My Poem


god hath given us life

life hath given us time

we believe time is at our mercy

as we can spend it as per our whims and fancies

but truth is time has bound us as its slave

and makes us play a life’s game

we can do nothingbut carry on our part

time leads the way with precision

irrespective of our decision

A bottle of wine is like time

as it is empty when we need it in prime

this avian flies faster than all birds

whose swiftness is beyond human words

so,should we plot to kill time now

it will dodge away to kill us tomorrow

such is the ironical tirade of time

whose unprecedented value heeds no human whine!



2 thoughts on “My Poem

  1. Hi Divz,
    Stunning! I never knew you are such a good poet! Liked all your poems, not just this one. Your style is lucid and the messages conveyed are really thought provoking. I’ve been bowled flat by your poems!! Great work, keep it up!

  2. Wow Divya,
    that’s truly amazing…For time killers like me its worth hanging in the bedroom with golden frame..
    Hope Other time killers wud agree to me…

    “Before I leave this beautiful terrain
    Let me take the honour to say
    That it was a wonderful trip,to the Lionz den.”

    Best Wishes,

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