12 Weeks

My twin daughters completed 12 weeks and I am the happiest to have reached this milestone. I feel accomplished that all of us have survived so far with just breastfeeding and no formula. 



My Aunt is a very cheerful, funny, gregarious ,opinionated and Kannada-savvy person. She was the president of Kannada Sangha and was AKKA 2010 President. So now you would understand how kannada is close to her and her family. She had invited me and S for dinner last night. I looked forward to the dinner as it meant habbada adige, thanks to Lord Ganapathi.

We arrived at my aunt’s place at 8:30 PM and were given the courteous warm welcome. We were introduced to another man who had arrived an hour earlier. He was my Uncle’s Boss Naren and looked like a man in mid forties. The introductions happened in English and my aunt continued the conversation in English. I felt odd to speak to my uncle/aunt in English but I assumed that Naren did not know Kannada and hence we were trying to make him comfortable.

20 minutes passed and I asked Naren as to which state/city in India did he hail from? His quick answer was “Bangalore” which left me perplexed a little bit. I assumed that he did not know Kannada but he says he is from Bangalore. The problem here is any other person would have maybe added a sentence or two saying “..but I am originally from Rajasthan or Tamilnadu ..”.  I felt it might be rude if I probe further given that he is my Uncle’s boss. We had dinner after an hourand then I realised that Naren hailed from Tamilnadu when he insisted on having a second serving of “Mor Kozhumbu” (Majjige huli). I understand that we always associate ourselves with our current residence but it would be great to be specific when meeting people from your own country.